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    While Samantha's team continues to improve in the field and at the plate, they continue to struggle with pitching. Tonight's game could have been and should have been much closer had so many runs not been walked in. I know the feeling of pride when your kid pitches, as I have that feeling each and every time Sam pitches, but I also have a feeling of dread because I know we will be in for a long inning as her control isn't where it needs to be. After tonight's starter was taken out of the game, this was the feeling every parent experienced tonight as player after player on the cubs was walked in, allowing the maximum 5 runs per inning on more than one occasion.

    On a personal note, Sam had one of her better games today. She finally swung the bat, getting her second hit of the season (combined with about a thousand walks, so I can't fault her entirely on the limited amount of hits she has). She also scored a run tonight, as opposed to getting stranded at third which has seemed to happen a lot lately. She played the entire game at second base, but didn't make any plays that resulted in an out. She almost got a runner at first, but was just a bit late.

Game 11 - vs. Cubs

Samantha played second base during tonight's game.

Sammie swinging at the ball during her first at-bat...

...which resulted in her second hit of the season!

Sam making it safely to second base on a steal.

Sam made it around to third base on another steal.

Sammie got a little bored at times in the field, as batter after batter was walked.

Sam played up close against some of the batters.

Sam got walked later on in the game. Here she is on first base once again.

Sam getting to third safely thanks to a hit from her teammate.



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