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    Samantha's team made some dramatic improvements in tonight's game, but unfortunately it still wasn't quite enough to secure a victory. The pitching was strong to start out today's game, and the bats were on fire early, allowing the Ray's to jump out to a 5-0 lead. The pitching wasn't quite as strong after the starter left the game, however, and the lead quickly turned into a 14-5 deficit. They rallied late to make a game of it, but darkness and the seven run per inning limit put a stop to the comeback. The final result was a 14-12 defeat. Today's game was a step in the right direction for the team...

    Sammie played well tonight. She had a bloop hit and a walk from the plate, coming around to score on that walk in the final inning. She didn't see any action while playing in either centerfield or shortstop, so nothing to report on her progress in that regard.

    PS: Sorry for the picture quality tonight. It was cold and dark, and I really don't know what settings to use on my camera in those conditions. I do the best I can, and sometimes I get lucky!

Game 3 - vs. A's

Samantha started the game in centerfield.

Sammie moved up to shortstop in the later innings.

Here is Sam looking at the runner on second base.

Here is Sam and her teammate (the only other girl playing minor league baseball as opposed to softball) trying to hold the runner on second base.

Sam had a sharp eye in her final at-bat of the night, as she watched a ball go by off the plate.

Sam wound up and swung at this pitch, even though it was a little high.

After taking a walk, Sam stood on first base ready to run if needed.

Here is Sammie speeding towards second on a base hit by her teammate.

Sam coming safely into third as the umpire watches the play at second.

Sam was thankful she didn't have to slide!

Sam getting some direction from the third base coach about running to home.

Sam watched the pitcher closely as she stood on third base.

Sammie coming across home plate to score a run!


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