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    All the hard work the kids on Samantha's team has been putting in is beginning to show some dividends, as they managed to secure their first victory of the season tonight, beating the cubs 15-8. Sam had a good overall game tonight. She didn't get any hits with her new bat, but she did get walked three times (officially she was 0-0 from the plate). She also played well in the field and was brought in to pitch the final inning. She struck out three boys during her inning of work tonight, which was very impressive. She made one throwing error to first base that cost her team a couple of runs, but most importantly not the game! Congrats Rays on your first win of the year! May there be many more...

Game 4 - at Cubs

Samantha standing at the plate during her first at-bat, where she earned a walk.

Sam stole second base on past ball.

Sammie was excited to come around and score a run in the first inning.

Sam started the game playing left field.

Here is Sam running second base on her teammates hit. She was on base after getting her second walk of the game.

Sam moved in to play shortstop later in the game. Here she is checking the runner on second.

Sam ready for the ball to come her way.

Another shot of Sam at shortstop, later in the game.

Sammie looking at the camera.

Another at-bat for Sam resulted in another walk.

Sam on first base, ready to run.

Sam came into the game to close it out.

Sam pitching to a batter from the opposition.

    If you happened to look at either Tyler or Drew's pages to see how they did in their Thursday games, you will have noticed that they were postponed. This was due to the severe rain that we had the previous few days, leaving all of the fields at least partially underwater. As you can see in the pictures below, some of the fields were still quite wet tonight. Prior to the game Sam's coach told the team that if they won he would jump into the puddle that was in the softball outfield. Keeping his word, after the game he dove in, head first! The kids were beyond thrilled to see this!

Post Game Celebration

Coach Ian diving into the puddle in the outfield of the softball field after the Rays won their first game of the year.

Coach Ian was drenched from head to toe after his little swim.


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