Game 7

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    Playing the first place team, made up of a bunch of kids recruited from outside of the school district to play specifically on this team, wasn't a great way to try to end the losing skid that was underway. Being the third game this week didn't do the team any favors either, as they were beginning to run low on pitchers. Sam wound up pitching an inning again tonight, and managed to get several two strike counts on the batters, but could never get that crucial third strike when it was desperately needed. Needless to say, there isn't really much I can add here... the Ray's bats were mostly silent tonight, while the White Sox scored the maximum five runs per inning in each of the 4 innings played, resulting in a 20-0 loss.

Game 7 - vs. White Sox

Samantha playing shortstop.

Sam helping cover the runner at second base.

Sammie during an at-bat.

Another shot of Sam helping hold the runner at second base.

Sam pitching late in the game.

Sammie getting the ball back from the catcher.

One last look at Sam pitching tonight.


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