Second Half Playoff

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    Samantha's team played their final game of the season tonight, in the second half playoff game. Based on seeding, the Rays were the away team against the Cardinals. The Rays played one of their best games tonight, jumping out to an 8-2 lead. Sam didn't get any hits tonight, but she did walk twice, coming around to score a run the first time and getting stranded at third the second time, and struck out once (on a pitch that was extremely low - she was very upset when she walked back to the dugout after that pitch). Sam got to pitch the final inning, but she didn't have her best stuff tonight. She allowed the maximum five runs, but could have been out of the inning earlier if not for a dropped throw at first base... Sam threw a pitch that resulted in a pop that she caught, she quickly turned and threw to first base, but the ball was dropped and the runner on first was able to get back safely. Overall, it was a great game by the Rays, and after a long second half of the season they ended it on a high note!

    Oh, and the best news of the day was delivered after the game: Samantha made the All-Star game for the second year in a row! While Tara & I had our concerns about her making it (mainly due to her low batting average) we are extremely proud of her for doing so. She is one of her team's better fielders and throwers, so she definitely did her part to earn it. Great job Sam! We love you!

Second Half Playoff - at Cardinals

Samantha started at shortstop today...

...before moving over to second after the starting second baseman injured her hand.

Sam had to jump out of the way of a few pitches during tonight's game.

After getting walked, Sam was successfully able to steal second base.

Here is a shot of Sammie standing on second base.

Here is Sam finishing her steal of third base.

Sam standing on third base.

Sam, after being stranded at third base countless times this season, finally got to come around and score.

Sam throwing the ball back to the pitcher.

Sam talking to her third base coach after getting walked a second time and stealing second and third base again.

Another look at Sam playing second base.

Another shot of Sam jumping out of the way of a pitch.

Sam throwing a pitch as the closing pitcher today.

Another angle of Sammie pitching.

One last shot of Sam pitching. Check out the determination on her face!


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