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    Samantha's indoor soccer team played their second game of the season on Monday, February 28th. Samantha started at forward today, and had a good overall game. There are times that she is aggressive and very competitive, and other times when she is just too passive. She didn't make any obvious mistakes during her passive moments, which is good. She also had a couple of shots on goal, one of which may have been one of her team's best shot at scoring today. I just need to figure out how to get her to play aggressive all the time, and she will end up netting a goal one of these games. As far as the rest of the team, aside from one soft goal given up it was a very good game. That one soft goal was all it took however, as they lost the game 1-0 today.

Game 2 - vs. Phoenix 01

Samantha walking to her position before the resumption of play.

Sammie watching the action across the field.

Sam charging towards a defender, while hoping to keep the ball in her end of the field.

Sam standing at midfield waiting for the ball to come her way.

Sam driving towards the ball and the net.

Sam might have had the best shot at a goal for her team, but she kicked it just wide to the left.


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