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    After two tough, close losses, Samantha's indoor soccer team finally got the victory that they needed today, in blowout fashion, by securing a 9-0 victory over the United FC squad. The scoring was steady and consistent throughout the game, as it was 4-0 at halftime. The girls even got a lot of opportunity to play in positions that they don't usually play, such as swapping offense and defense. Sam played her first defense since joining the indoor team during today's game. She also kicked her first goal this session as well! She snuck in from the back side during a corner kick and booted the ball home for a nice goal. She was so proud of herself, and both Tara & I were very proud of her. We even treated the kids to Shamrock Shakes from McDonalds in honor of her hard work and effort! Great job Samantha!

Game 3 - vs. United FC

Samantha standing on the field, waiting for the action to come her way.

Sammie watching the action during her break.

This might have been Sam's goal, but it also may not have been.

Sam throwing the ball in while playing defense.

Another look at Sam throwing the ball in from the sideline.

This kick here was more than likely Sam's goal (sorry the picture is a little blurry).


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