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    Maybe last week's game got the girls started, because today's game was a very good one, with a solid effort from all of the girls. Samantha played well again today, spending all of her time at forward. The girls jumped out to a quick 2-0 lead before giving up one themselves, making it 2-1 at halftime. At one point in the second half Tara & I thought she wasn't being aggressive enough, so Tara promised her a Shamrock Shake from McDonalds after the game if she really started playing hard. Moments later she stole the ball on a misplay by the opposing goalie and booted the ball into the back of the net, giving her team a 3-1 lead. The final score ended up being 4-1. The funniest thing was that after the game we were congratulating Sam and she asked if she could get the Shamrock Shake (that was the reward Tara gave her after her goal last week). We said that we had told her that we would today as well while she was playing, but she hadn't even heard us! She just finally got motivated to go after the ball and scored a goal all without the incentive of the ice cream! Either way, Sammie was very proud of herself, and Tara & I are very proud of her as well!

Game 4 - vs. WAZA U10 Royal

Samantha receiving a pass from a teammate.

Sam catching her breath during a break in the action.

Sammie making another play on the ball.

Sam watching as the action unfolds on the opposite side of the field.

Sam brushes her hair aside as she waits for play to resume.

Sam stopping the ball with her foot before making a move towards the goal.


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