Game 5

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    I got a little nervous about the outcome of tonight's game when the Westside team scored a goal early in the action, but fortunately the Tri-County Puma's were able to fight back. They scored the next four goals, and their defense and goalkeeping tightened up a great deal. Although Samantha didn't have her greatest game of the season today (she seemed a little bit passive today, which may have been due to the 8:00pm start time), she did have a really nice left footed pass to a teammate who was able to score the final goal of the game.

Game 5 - vs. Westside S C

Samantha in position for a pass.

Sammie moving across the field as the action unfolds in her defensive zone.

Sam knocking the ball down from the air.

Sam in the offensive zone waiting for the corner kick to come her way.

Sam excited about a good play by her defense and goalkeeper.

Sam walking towards the middle of the field to shake hands at the end of the game.


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