Game 6

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    Today's game could have moved the Tri-County Puma's into a tie for first place if only they had won, but alas it wasn't meant to be. The Puma's scored the first goal of the game and it appeared that they would be able to hang on until midway through the second half, when the tying goal was kicked past their goal keeper. As usual Samantha had moments of good, aggressive play and moments of very passive play. In her good moments she had some nice kicks towards the net, which were unfortunately stopped by a goalie who had a very good game for the other team. Her teammates seemed to all have this kind of game today... it must have been the playing on a Friday thing, after a long week of school and other activities that finally got to them. Needless to say the girls have two more games to play to attempt to move up in the rankings. I know my fingers are crossed!

Game 6 - vs. LaForza S.C.

Samantha looking towards the sideline while waiting for play to begin.

Sam chasing the ball down during the first half action.

Sam getting a kick off towards the goal. Unfortunately this kick was stopped.

Sam moving into position for a pass.

Sam relaxing during a break in play.

Sam and her teammates lined up to start play after the opposition scored a goal.


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