Game 7

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    Game number seven was the first game in over two weeks for the girls, and it showed. None of the girls looked like the same players in the first game back from spring break that they did before the break. Sam had a pretty typical game for her team, playing fairly passively for the most part. They gave up one goal in the first half and another in the second, but couldn't manage to get too many good shots on goal themselves. The end result was a 2-0 loss, moving them to 3-3-1 for the season.

Game 7 - vs. WAZA U10 Royal

Samantha completing a pass to her teammate near the midfield line.

Sammie taking some direction from Coach Joe, kneeling on the sideline.

Sam waiting for the action to resume.

Sam stopping a long pass to her.

Sam moving towards the ball.


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