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    The final game of the season looked like it was going to be a tough, close contest as the Tri-County Pumas managed to score the only goal of the first half. With the score 1-0, the second half got underway with a new goaltender in the net... for the first time this season, Samantha was placed in goal (unlike last session, she didn't volunteer because nobody else wanted to this time - although nobody wanted to play in goal this half, Sam was selected by the coach). She made a couple of nice saves during her time in goal, but she also managed to allow the only goal her team gave up tonight as well. Fortunately it didn't matter, as the rest of her teammates were on fire, going on a wild scoring binge to close out the game. In what seemed like the blink of an eye, goal after goal was being scored by the Pumas. In the end, the referee had to tell our girls to back off a little bit. The final score wound up being 8-1, and I am sure it could have been worse. The win gave the girls a winning record for this session, at 4-3-1.

Game 8 - vs. Davison Kickers

Samantha (kneeling) has an issue keeping her shoelaces tied all the time. Here she is getting some help from a teammate with one lace while Sam ties the other.

Sam passing the ball to a teammate.

Sam in position on the opposite side of a corner kick, looking for a rebound.

Sammie had to move the goal before the second half could get underway.

Sam watching the action unfold - on the field next to hers!

Sam spent a lot of time watching and waiting as her teammates had possession of the ball at the other end of the field.

Sam was on her toes when the action came her way, however.

Here is Sammie kicking the ball out after making a save.

Unfortunately Sam gave up the only goal of the game for her team today. Thankfully it didn't factor into the final result - a victory for the Pumas!

Sam ready for when the ball comes her way once again.


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