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    Samantha and her La Forza White Ice teammates had their first league game on Saturday, September 10th against the Michigan Rush Capital Area 01 G Nike team. Compared to the tournament games, the girls looked sluggish right from the start today. The Rush team controlled the early action, but didn't get many good shots on goal. The La Forza girls took control of the ball for most of the rest of the first half, but they just couldn't get one past the goalie - although Samantha hit the upright post on one of her kicks and pushed two more just wide. The Rush managed to get the ball back in front of the La Forza net towards the end of the half, and in the middle of a crowd the ball was kicked high and towards the net - high enough for it to get over the outstretched arms of the La Forza goalkeeper. This 1-0 lead held into halftime.

    The second half wasn't very eventful, as neither team managed to secure many quality scoring chances. Each team played a different goalie this half, and the La Forza girl managed to make a few nice saves. The Rush goalie didn't have to make any tough saves, as all of the kicks at the net seemed to be right to her. Unfortunately for the La Forza girls, none of their kicks had enough behind them to find their way into the back of the net, and the final score remained the same 1-0 halftime deficit. The first loss of the season for the White Ice...

vs. Michigan Rush Capital Area 01 G Nike

Samantha gaining control of the ball early in the game.

Sam looking around to see where the opposing players are at.

Sam trying to start a break by looking to pass ahead to her teammate.

Sammie heading up the field.

Sam looking to intercept a kick from the opposing goalie.

Sam standing near the sideline.

A shot of Sammie making her way down the field.

Sam watching the action unfold across the field.

Another look at Sam watching the action take place on the opposite side of the field.

Sammie dribbling the ball up the sideline.

Sam performing a corner kick.


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