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    Samantha and the rest of the La Forza White Ice girls played their second league game on Saturday, September 24th against the Plymouth SC Reign 01 Green team in Plymouth. Although the girls looked energized in today's contest, they just couldn't seem to get anything going consistently. They had moments where their offensive pressure was good, and then there were lapses where their passes didn't look crisp at all. This went both ways though, as neither team was able to score a goal in the first half of action. Unfortunately for the Ice girls, they continued this style of play in the second half while the Plymouth team managed to apply some pressure. They managed to get two goals past the La Forza goalkeeper. Samantha didn't start either half, but she played decent when she was on the field. She didn't have any great looks at the net, but she did get off a couple of kicks in that direction. Too bad it wasn't enough... the girls suffered their second loss of the season, this time by the 2-0 score.

vs. Plymouth SC Reign 01 Green

Samantha started the game on the bench during tonight's game.

Sammie chasing down the opposition.

Sam dribbling the ball up the field.

A close-up of Sam moving down the field.

Sam getting ready to pass the ball to a teammate.

Sam passing the ball up the field.

Samantha trying to get to the ball before her opponent does.

Sam trying to get off a kick on the net.

Sam dribbling through traffic.

Sammie trying to get into position for another shot on goal.

Sam making her way along the sideline.


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