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    After going winless in their first three games but only giving up three goals in the process, the La Forza White Ice girls were looking for a breakout game to get them going. They managed to get that in tonight's game, as they dominated the action from start to finish on their way to their first victory of the season with an 11-1 win over the Farmington SC Farmington Fusion '01 team. It would have likely been a shutout had one of our girls not gotten called for pushing, setting up a penalty kick for the Fusion team. I know the goalkeeper wasn't too happy about giving up a goal, but at least they got the win!

    Samantha played one of her best games thus far, being aggressive in going after the ball and charging towards the net. She managed to score two goals tonight, one by kicking the ball past the goalkeeper, then hopping over her to tap the ball in for the score. The other goal was a clean kick past the goalie. Although the goalkeeper for the Fusion team gave up a lot of goals, she played a good game and made some very nice saves, but she didn't get much support from her teammates. Sam's team, however, gave each other all the support they needed. So much, in fact, that Sam played positions all over the field tonight instead of just her usual forward spot. It gave some of the other girls a chance to score, making the game that much more fun for all of them.

at Farmington SC Farmington Fusion '01

Samantha started tonight, for the second game in a row as one of the team captains.

Sam passing the ball to her teammate.

Sam and some of her teammates get a break from the action while their coach looks on.

Sam lined up at the center circle after one of her team's goals.

Sam driving towards the net as her teammate gets off a kick.

Samantha dribbling around three of the opposing players.

Samantha lined up, waiting to resume play during a brief break in the action.

Sam getting into position on the field.

Sam making her way down the field once again.

Sam attempting to block a pass from one of her opponents.

Sam walking towards midfield after another of her team's goals.

Sam weaving her way through the defense.

Sam kicked this ball past the goalkeeper, leapt over her, and then tapped the ball into the net for one of her two goals.

Sam at midfield after scoring - not much of a smile, but inside she was very excited.

Sam throwing the ball in from the sideline while playing defense in the second half.


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