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    The last time that Samantha and her La Forza White Ice teammates played a 9:00am game the weather was cold, but the game this morning added wind and rain to the low temperature to truly make things miserable for everyone. Once the game started, however, the girls didn't seem to notice the playing conditions. Despite a couple of decent opportunities, Sam didn't score today. Her team didn't really need her offense, though, as they were able to score early and often today, managing 6 goals over the course of the game. They weren't able to complete another shutout, though, as the Alliance team netted their lone goal when the La Forza defender slipped and the shot ricocheted off of the goaltenders hand, just nestling into the back of the net. Overall, not a bad game, despite the weather. The win gave the La Forza Ice girls their third victory in a row, this time by a 6-1 score, bringing their season record to 3 wins, 2 losses, and 1 draw.

vs. Michigan Alliance FC 01 G Blue

Samantha dressed warm for the cold, wet, blustery morning game.

Sam chasing after the ball as it rolls out of bounds near the corner.

Sam running towards the sideline.

A look at Sam as she watches the action across the field.

Sammie dribbling down the field towards the net.

Another look at Sam as she runs down the field.


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