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    For a game that took place in the middle of October, nobody could complain about the weather today! A noon game in the Lansing area, and the girls came ready - well, most of them. The dad of three of them thought the game was at home, so they were just a tad late! The girls survived without them, scoring two goals in the first half to take a 2-0 lead into halftime. The second half opened with another goal for the La Forza girls before the Rush scored their first of the game. The Ice girls added one more goal, making the final score 4-1. Sam didn't seem to have her best game today, as she didn't really get off any shots on goal. She was fairly aggressive, challenging the opposition when they had the ball, which was nice to see. Overall, a nice game by all of the girls. Today's victory moved the La Forza Ice girls to 4-2-1 on the season, with one game remaining. Go Ice!

at Michigan Rush Capitol Area 01 G Nike

Samantha chasing after the ball.

Sam trying to get open on the opposite side of the net, hoping to get a tip-in.


Sam watching the action take place down the field.

Sammie running down the field as her team attacks.

Another look at Sam in position as she watches the action take place across the field.


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