Game 6

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    The La Forza Fire & Ice team played their second game of the season against the WAZA FC Genesee '01 Royal team, which was their sixth indoor game of Session I. While the first game resulted in a 4-2 victory for the La Forza team, today's game didn't quite go as well. The WAZA girls scored the first two goals early in the first half, and the La Forza girls fought valiantly throughout the remainder of the half to tie the game at two by halftime. The second half was another story, though, as nothing went right for the La Forza team. They wound up giving up a total for four more goals, and the final score was a 6-2 loss for the Fire & Ice. The loss put them at 4-2 on the season, good for third place in the league with two games remaining.

at WAZA FC Genesee '01 Royal

Samantha getting into position during a sideline throw-in.

Sam running down the sideline tracking the ball.

Samantha getting ready for the action to resume while standing near her teams bench.

Sam trying to find an opening in front of the net during a corner kick.


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