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    OK, so I have to say right up front that I don't really understand the scoring rules for this Upward basketball stuff. I realize it isn't about wins and losses (yeah right, tell that to the kids), but keeping score shouldn't be such a hard job either. In Samantha's game today, they held a sizable lead a half time. Then, in the second half, when her team scored a basket no points were added to the total. I was told something about 30 points, but I am not sure if that is the total for the team or the differential between teams. Either way, it didn't make sense because Sam's game wasn't capped at 30 points for her team nor was the differential kept at 30 points as each team scored. Somehow the Liberty team scored and had points added to their total and Sam's team scored and only occasionally had points added. Very frustrating as a fan, in my opinion.

    With that out of the way, on to the game itself. Sam played pretty well overall for a sport that she claims isn't her favorite. Although she didn't score a basket, she had a couple of good looks (her shots were a little too hard today). She also played very well defensively, and her ball handling skills continue to impress me considering how little she actually practices them. She is right handed, so that is where the majority of her dribbling takes place, but she freely used her left hand when needed as well today without any problems. Overall, I was very pleased with her play. Great job, Sammie!

Game 1 - at Liberty

Samantha spent a lot of time dribbling the ball up the court, especially after grabbing a rebound.

Here Sammie is running back to play defense as a Liberty player brings the ball up on a fast break.

Sam caught the eye of the camera in this photograph!

Sam listening to her coach, Aunt Erica, giving the girls some direction.

Sam running up the court once again.

Sam dribbling the basketball while looking for someone to pass to.

Sam dribbling the basketball once again.

Sam getting ready to make a pass.

Sam handling the basketball one more time.

Sam got stuck guarding the oppositions tallest player late in the second half.

Something close to the final score...


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