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    While I still won't pretend to know any of the rules of Upward basketball (even the refs can't seem to get them straight from game to game), I do know that Samantha is having a lot of fun playing. It's really a shame that she doesn't enjoy it more, because I think that she could be really good at it. She dribbles with both her left and right hands already, without even thinking about it. She needs to settle down just a bit with her shots, but other than that she is right there on everything else. Speaking of her shots, she did score two points today, even though she probably should have had more. Her defense, rebounding, and dribbling skills are far beyond what I would expect considering how little she plays basketball other than as an organized activity. Marissa also had a pretty decent game today, scoring two points herself. In all honesty I spend most of my time watching the game with the camera focused on Sam, so I can't say everything that she did or didn't do. I do know the girls won a close game, with a 16-12 final score, moving them to 2-0 on the season.

Game 2 - vs. Rockers

Marissa and Samantha lined up prior to the start of the game.

Sam got the privilege of guarding the tallest player on the other team today.

Sam dribbling the ball up the court.

Sam and her teammate running up the court.

Marissa getting ready to take a shot.

Sam lined up during a foul shot attempt.

Sam passing the ball across the half court line.

Sammie taking a shot.

Sam getting ready to grab a rebound.

The final score, a 16-12 victory.


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