Game 3

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    I don't have a lot of commentary to add about this game for two reasons... one is that I wasn't there, and the other is that the game was pretty ugly throughout, as evidenced by the final score, a 33-11 loss for the Storm. From what I was told Samantha had a decent enough game, outrunning her opponent up and down (and around) the court, but she still hasn't mastered the finer points of shooting. That is the one area where she needs the most amount of work, that is for sure. Hopefully next weekend's game will be better!

Game 3 - vs. Lynx

Samantha getting an inbounds pass from Marissa.

Sam playing defense.

Sam holding onto the ball after a rebound.

Sammie dribbling the basketball up the court.

The final score, an ugly 33-11 loss.


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