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    Today's game couldn't have gotten off to a better start for Samantha, Marissa, and their teammates. Not only was Sam playing well offensively and defensively, but the same could be said for the rest of her teammates as well. They jumped out to a seemingly insurmountable 24-8 lead by halftime. Unfortunately things could not have gone much worse in the second half. Shots that couldn't miss in the first half just wouldn't fall now. Defense started getting lazy, and offense got sloppy. Before you had time to take it all in, the game was tied. A few blinks of an eye later, and it was over. Scoring only two points in the 18 minute second half led the Storm to take their second loss of the season, 34-26. Who would have thought that after the first half that was so dominant that they could get outscored 26-2 in the second half? I know I certainly didn't!

    As I said earlier, Sam had a pretty good all around game today. Her defense remains solid, chasing the opposition all over the court and rebounding well. Her offense is really solid, right up until it is time to take a shot. For some reason almost all of her shots are way too strong, which results in a miss. She did score a basket or two today, but she also had several shots that were off the mark. Certainly, had she made some of them, the game would have at least been a little closer. Not that she lost the game with her misses by any stretch of the imagination... when you score 2 points in a half, that is definitely a team effort. Thankfully there is another game next weekend, and another shot at redemption.

Game 4 - vs. Liberty

Samantha standing next to the player that she would be going against for this 6 minute stretch of basketball.

Sammie dribbling the ball up the court after a rebound.

Marissa attempting to block a shot.

Marissa driving to the basket for an attempted layup.

Sam running back up the court after a basket by her team.

Another look at Sam dribbling the ball up the court, surveying the action.

Sam was frustrated by her team's second half, which was a little tough to stomach.

The final score, a tough 34-26 loss.


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