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    Like last week, the girls from the Storm team jumped out to a big lead early, only to let it slip away in the end. The good news today was that despite giving up the lead they fought back to reclaim it. Unfortunately a last second (literally at the buzzer) shot resulted in a tie score, 19-19. Samantha described it as the best tie ever! She didn't seem to be the least bit bothered by the fact that had that shot not fallen, they would have won the game. That is a great attitude to have, because at Upward (and I think it should really be this way in all sports at this age) it is about having fun, learning, playing, and developing a love of the game. You never want to turn a child away from something at such an early age.

    Once again Sam played a pretty solid all around game today. Her defense was still good, as she continues to chase the opposition all over the court. Today her rebounding seemed to need a little bit of work, but in all fairness to her most of the girls on the other team that she was guarding were taller than her. She didn't score today, despite getting some good looks at the basket once again. Hopefully before the end of the season she will have her breakout offensive game, because I know the talent is there to do so.

Game 5 - at Rockers

Samantha running out of the tunnel, high fiving her coaches, during the pregame introductions.

Both teams joined at half court for the pregame prayer.

Marissa inbounding the ball to Sammie.

Sam dribbling the ball into the offensive zone.

Sam looking for an open teammate.

Sammie attempting to block the shot of an opposing player.

Sam dribbling the ball up the court once again.

Marissa got fouled on one of her shot attempts, resulting in a couple of free throws. She made one of two. Great job!

Sam leading the fast break.

Marissa sticking like glue to one of the opposing players.

Sam guarding her... uh, man.

The final score, a thrilling 19-19 tie. Sam said it was the best tie ever!


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