Game 6

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    I don't really have a lot to add about this game, since I was only able to attend a short bit of it before needing to leave to Tyler's game at the Cage that started only a short while after Samantha's game started. I was there to see them jump out to a quick start once again, but things fell apart early today. For whatever reason the Storm just have a difficult time playing against the Lynx, as this is the second loss to them this year. At least this time the game was a little closer...

Game 6 - vs. Lynx

Marissa dribbling the ball at the top of the key.

Samantha running back down the court after her team scored a basket.

Sammie dribbling the ball up the court.

Sam getting ready to set a screen.

Sammie dribbling the ball up the court once again.

Marissa dribbling the ball while Sam is looking to get open for a pass.


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