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    While I am continually baffled by the refereeing at the Upward games, I will not use that as an excuse. I'm sure that, despite the fact that the teams are supposed to play man to man defense and double teams have been whistled as a violation all season long, the triple teams that Samantha and her teammates faced had nothing to do with the fact that they had difficulty scoring at times. Samantha played her usual strong defense today, and her ballhandling was strong as well. Sam shot the ball a little better today, scoring two baskets, resulting in her point total of four in today's game.

Game 7 - vs. Rockers

Samantha running up the court after inbounding the ball.

Sammie preparing to set a screen.

Sam dribbling the ball up the court after securing a rebound on the other end.

Samantha dribbling around the top of the key, looking for a lane to drive to the rim.

Sam chasing down a rebound.

Another shot of Samantha dribbling the ball up the court.

Poor Sam always gets stuck guarding the other teams tallest players, who are usually quite a bit taller than her!

Marissa playing tight defense on the opposition.

Sam preparing for contact as she sets a screen so Marissa can drive past.

Although the entire game was closer than the final score, the end result was a 30-24 loss for the Storm.


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