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    On Friday, February 18th, Samantha and Drew's school held a Valentine's Day dance. Sammie put a lot of effort into this dance, as her SCAPE group (a student council type club) made all of the decorations for the dance, and she also attempted to do her part in organizing a bake sale as a fundraiser for the fourth grade trip to Lansing later in the year. The kids had a lot of fun, especially the girls when the Justin Beiber song came on (I am still having difficulty hearing days later!). They even got to dress up in their "fancy" clothes. Enjoy the pics... (sorry about the spots on the pictures - I think that the kids stirred up a lot of dust during the dance because I cleaned the camera lends multiple times to make sure it was clean!)

School Valentine's Day Dance

Samantha (in the print shirt) with a group of her friends posing for a picture.

Jayden dressed up for the big dance.

Sammie on the dance floor with her friends.

Drew enjoying some of the goodies from the bake sale.

Another look at Drew trying to smile for a picture.

Sam didn't seem too thrilled getting her picture taken while waiting in line for the bake sale.

Another shot of Sam on the dance floor with her friends.

Jayden boogying down with Tara on the dance floor.

Drew smiling for a picture while taking a break from running around with his friends.

Another picture of Jay and Tara dancing.

Drew dancing with Tara.

Jay, Drew, and Tara screwing around on the dance floor.

Drew playing with one of his classmates.

Another picture of Sam with a few of her friends.

Tara and Jayden dancing again.

Sam smiling while bringing one of Jayden's friends over to her.

Jayden and her friend dancing together.


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