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    On Valentine's Day, which fell on a Monday this year, Tara was able to take some time out of her already busy day to help out in both Samantha and Drew's classrooms for their school parties. The kids didn't spend much time telling me about what they did, but I do know that they had a lot of fun. Without further ado, the pictures... (normally I attempt to post pictures in chronological order, but since these parties both took place at the same time I am going to present them in order by the age of the classroom represented)

    First up, Samantha!

Samantha's Valentine's Party

Samantha (in the black shirt, near the white board) in her class as the kids pass out their Valentine's.

Another shot of Samantha (near the white board once again) walking around her classroom.

Jayden also helped out in Sam's class today. Here the two girls are giving each other a hug. Awwwww...

Jayden and her friend Aaron got a chance to hang out for a while during the party.

Another shot of Sammie and Jay, enjoying their ice cream.

    And now Drew!

Drew's Valentine's Party

Andrew's class party was supposed to be "Fancy" - meaning nice clothes. Drew was the only one to wear a suit.

A look at Drew in his shirt and tie (jacket removed for the festivities).

A look at Drew in his class.

Drew looked sweet sporting a suit with his fancy red 'Roos!

Drew smiling for a picture.

A close up of Drew enjoying his ice cream.

Drew with his beautiful mother Tara.


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