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    On a rare free Sunday in our household we decided that it would be a great opportunity to take advantage of the unseasonably warm weather that we were blessed with and visit one of the local orchards. We were looking to pick some apples, and of course we would have to get some fresh donuts and apple cider too! unfortunately for us, just about every other family in the surround 50 miles must have also thought that this would be a great day to take advantage of the unseasonably warm weather that we were blessed with to visit one of the local orchards. Despite the massive crowds, we did have a good time. It just meant that we weren't going to be staying long enough to let the kids play in the play and animal petting area. It was OK though, because by the time we had picked our small basket of raspberries everyone had pretty much had enough anyway. While we did go on the hayride to pick apples, we opted to get our pumpkins somewhere else. While I am sure that some day we will indeed return to an orchard, I am just not sure that Spicer's would be our first choice. Maybe during a weekday it would be nice, or if the weather was cold enough to keep some of the crowds away...

Spicer's Orchard

A look at just a small portion of the crowd that decided that it was a great day to visit the orchard.

Tyler was around 5'-4" tall this fall.

Samantha measured in at 4'-10" tall this fall.

Drew came in around 4'-5" tall this fall.

Jayden brings up the rear, measuring 3'-9" tall this fall.

Drew standing near an old John Deere tractor.

A nice looking old truck representing Spicer Orchard.

Tara, Jay, Tyler, Drew, and Sam on the hay ride on the way to pick apples and raspberries.

Sam, Drew, and Jay wandering through the apple orchard.

Drew taking a break during the raspberry picking.

Jayden giving Tara a hand with the berries.

Tyler making his way through the raspberry bushes.

Sammie trying to keep cool as she walks through the raspberry bushes towards the waiting Drew and Jay.

Tyler with a handful of berries, ready to place them in the basket that Tara has.

A look at some fall color seen at the back of the orchard.


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