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    The local sports talk radio station, 97.1 The Ticket, held their second annual Sportsfest at the Suburban Collection Showplace on Saturday, February 11th (a full month earlier this year than last). Last year I said that I hoped that they would make it an annual event so that we could be able to return, only on a day without so many activities. Well, I turned out to be half right on that desire. They did indeed hold the event for a second time, but unfortunately we still had a bunch of stuff to do. The doors opened at 10:00am, and the only way we would be able to fit it in was for us to be there when they did. We managed to make it in time, and that left us about 90 minutes to wander through all of the events before we had to head off for Samantha and Tyler's basketball games in the afternoon.

    Once again the big exhibits were put on by the Detroit four - the Red Wings, Pistons, Lions, and Tigers. Since we were on a time limit, we didn't wait in line for any autographs this year and we had to skip a few of the activities that the kids would have liked to participate in. We did get two of the kids to take part in an activity that we never thought that they would have, however - Tyler and Drew volunteered to shake their booties on stage in an effort to win an autographed Red Wings hockey puck. Tyler volunteered first, and after thinking it over for a while Drew agreed to try as well. Neither of the girls wanted anything to do with it, though... Once on stage, the boys did little to win the competition. Drew was up first, and he was so embarrassed it took all he could do to give a little wiggle of his hips. Tyler came up a little later, and he too neglected to do much dancing. In fact, his best move was laughing. Needless to say, they didn't win the puck. But Tara & I were extremely proud of them for getting on stage nonetheless. They even got a free Red Wings hat and puck pillow just for trying, so in the end it was worth it.

    Although we were rushing through trying to see everything, we still had a lot of fun. Once again I will go out on a limb and hope that there is a third annual Sportsfest, and that we will finally catch a break and it will occur on a free Saturday for us. Fingers crossed! (That means it has to come true, right?!?)

97.1 The Ticket Sportsfest

Andrew, posing as Johan Franzen.

Tyler getting his turn to be Johan Franzen.

Drew as Chris Osgood.

"Due to injury, today the part of Chris Osgood will be played by Tyler!"

Samantha took a turn stepping into the skates of Chris Osgood... did Jayden.

Jayden also took a turn as Johan Franzen.

Drew challenging Sam to a slightly smaller scale hockey game while Jay looks on.

Detroit Red Wings goalie equipment.

Equipment from the Red Wings team leaders.

And some of the gear of the "Russian Five."

A same Red Wings locker room.

Jayden took a turn playing hockey, while Sam and Tara looked on.

Tyler took a shot a scoring a goal (he managed to net one of three).

Drew and Sammie had a little battle going. The point here was to roll the ball onto each of the little dots as they lit up - whoever hit more lit up dots won. Today was Samantha's turn at glory!

Another look at Drew and Sam going at it.

Jayden and Tyler also held their own contest on the dots.

Another look at Jay and Tyler.

Drew taking slaps shots. As the puck hit the lit up screen in the back, the light went off. The object was to hit each of the nine squares.

Another look at Drew shooting at the electronic net.

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