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    The 7th grade football team had their second game on Wednesday, September 28th. Tyler managed to get in for four plays today, which coincided with his teams game-winning touchdown drive and extra-point kick in the fourth quarter. He wanted more playing time, but he is going to have to keep working hard for that.

    The team started out today's game very, very poorly. They fumbled on their first two possessions, and the Grand Blanc West Bobcats quickly turned each of them into touchdowns for a 12-0 lead in the first quarter. It was certainly shaping up to be a long day, and as the game began to get out of hand I thought Tyler might wind up getting more playing time than usual. Fortunately for his team, they managed to start stepping up on defense in the second quarter, holding the Bobcats scoreless. It was looking like it was going to remain 12-0 at halftime, but Grand Blanc got greedy with 0:14 seconds left when they attempted to pass the ball near their own goal line. The throw was errant, however, and was intercepted by a Broncho cornerback and returned for a touchdown, which made the halftime score 12-6 (neither team converted their extra point attempts). The Bronchos tied the game in the second half, and in the fourth quarter, while Tyler was on the field as a tight end, they made their penultimate drive towards the end zone. With the touchdown, they held an 18-12 lead. With a six point lead and about 4:30 left in the game, the Bronchos attempted to kick an extra point (in middle school ball, extra points kicked are worth 2 points and only worth 1 if they are ran in - the opposite of typical football scoring). The kick was good, giving the Bronchos a 20-12 lead, which would secure at worst a tie (barring two scores by the Bobcats). Grand Blanc marched down the field, but penalty flags started flying again and again, which helped the clock run out. On 4th down with less than 20 seconds left, they failed to get off a play, sealing the victory for the Bronchos! Great job boys!

    Just a reminder, Tyler is #35. He wore red socks with his all-red shoes today, which made him a little harder to find today. I missed getting a picture of Tyler playing today - sorry kiddo!

vs. Grand Blanc West

Tyler talking to a couple of his teammates on the sideline before the game begins.

Tyler and his teammates watching the action unfold on the field.

Tyler getting some instruction from one of his coaches before going into the game in the second half.

The final score, a heart-stopping 20-12 victory by the Bronchos!


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