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    One thing that Tyler and his 7th grade Broncho teammates sure know how to do is to give their fans a heart-attack. So far, in their first three games, they have fallen behind each and every time. This time it was 8-0 early in the game. They did manage to hold them on defense for rest of the first half, which allowed them to drive for a game tying touchdown as the second quarter expired, making the halftime score 8-8. The second half was where things got interesting. The Broncho's managed to take a 16 point lead thanks to a long touchdown run and a kick return for a touchdown (as well as two more extra-point kicks - kicks are worth 2 points, running/passing it in is worth only 1, which is the opposite of most levels of football). The Blackhawks of Brandon refused to go away, however, as the two teams continued to trade touchdowns. Thankfully the kick return game stepped up today, as they scored a second return touchdown later in the fourth quarter. That was the final score of the day, making the end result a 38-30 victory for the good guys.

    Tyler managed to stay on the field a lot today, as the first string offense struggled to move the football. He was on the field for the entire touchdown drive in the first half, and he played almost the entire second half on offense as well. He was playing tight end today, and that seems to have become his primary position this year. He hasn't played a down on defense, but he seems OK with that as he has said that he likes offense more anyway. Tara & I were very proud of him today, as his hard work at practice is finally paying off!

    Just a reminder, Tyler is #35. Once again he wore red socks with red shoes, which can make him a little hard to find at times.

vs. Brandon

Tyler standing on the sideline during the first half.

Tyler (in the center of the picture) looking to make a block.

Tyler (in the red socks) making his way to the line of scrimmage.

Tyler getting just enough of a block on his man to help spring the runner outside.

Tyler lined up on the end of the line of scrimmage, ready to fire off when the ball is snapped.

Another look at Tyler on the line of scrimmage.

Tyler played extensively in the second quarter and the second half, so he was tired when he came off the field. The sun from the unseasonably warm weather beating down on the artificial turf didn't help things either.

Tyler getting a block on an inside run.

Tyler lined up (on the far side of the line of scrimmage) in his three-point stance during an extra point attempt.

The final score, another heart stopping victory, this time by a 38-30 score.


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