Game 4

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    Despite receiving the first kickoff of the game, the Bronchos just couldn't seem to get anything going today. Their first drive didn't get outside of their own 20 yard line, and a failed 4th down attempt gave the Clio Mustangs a short field to drive for their first touchdown. The kick gave them an early 8-0 lead. There was very little positive coming from the Bronchos on either side of the ball, as they consistently had trouble stopping Clio. They did manage to get close to the end zone towards the end of the first half, but they were stopped about a foot short of a touchdown on their fourth 4th down play. The second half wasn't any better, as the Mustangs marched up and down the field while the Bronchos had trouble making first downs. By the time the dust had settled, the final score was an ugly 35-0 loss in the battle of previously unbeaten teams.

    Tyler didn't play much in the first half, getting only two plays. It didn't help that his team did have possession of the ball for very long. In the second half he got considerably more playing time at tight end, but he wasn't able to help his team get into the end zone.

    Just a reminder, Tyler is #35. Today he wore low-cut socks with his red cleats.

at Clio

Tyler standing by himself on the sideline during the first half.

Tyler making a block during a running play in the first half.

Tyler returning to the sideline after being substituted before halftime.

Tyler moving back to the huddle to get the play call.

Tyler getting ready to try and block the biggest kid on the opposing team, #12.

This time Tyler had to chase after #12 while trying to block him.

Tyler getting a hit on #12 once again.

This time the final score was neither a heart-stopper nor close, as the Bronchos suffered their first loss of the year, 35-0.


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