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    I was late arriving to the game today because I had to pick up Samantha and Drew from school, but I didn't miss any important action. By the time I found my seat with the rest of the family the Broncho's were already losing 7-0, and it was all down hill from there. Poor play calling, both on offense and defense, combined with a myriad of penalties and missed tackles resulted in an ugly game and an ugly loss, this time by a 40-0 score. That means the boys have been outscored 72-0 in their last two games. No other way to describe it, except ugly.

    Tyler didn't see a lot of playing time, and I struggle to see why his unit doesn't get more playing time. Their first few games they were on the field for several touchdown scoring drives after the first unit struggled. Today's game was a struggle all around, but his first play from scrimmage resulted in a 20+ yard gain for his team. Like the rest of the team, however, his unit struggled with penalties, and that gain was quickly wiped out by several false starts in a row. Like I said, ugly football.

    Just a reminder, Tyler is #35. Today he wore a long-sleeved black shirt under his jersey, with low-cut socks along with his red cleats.

at Fenton

Tyler's first play from scrimmage in the game resulted in a big game for his team. Unfortunately, they lost all of the yardage gained on this play in penalties over the next few plays. In this photo Tyler is the first player to the right in red (with black sleeves).

Tyler lined up at his tight end position before the ball is snapped.

Tyler and his teammates walking back to the huddle after another play.

Tyler spent most of the game on the sideline, covered in his brown jacket trying to stay warm.

Another ugly loss, as the Bronchos fell for the second game in a row, this time by a 40-0 score.


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