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    How does that saying go? Nothing to see here? That was pretty much how today's game went... nothing to see. Not if you are a Broncho fan, anyway. With an offense that doesn't know how to do much beyond run the ball up the middle, it isn't hard to see why this team struggled scoring points during the second half of the year. Combine that with the recurring issue of missed tackles, and you have a recipe for disaster. Take the three losses this team suffered and add them together, and the result is a terrifying 0-3 record where they were outscored 111-6.

    Tyler didn't get much playing time today, as he claimed the coaches were trying to get other kids playing time. From the stands he appeared disinterested, but who knows what was going on down on the field. The play-calling didn't exactly inspire too many parents, so maybe that was an issue for the kids as the season wore on as well.

    Just a reminder, Tyler is #35. Today he wore low-cut socks along, wrist bands around his calves, and red cleats.

at Linden

Tyler spent the majority of his time on the sideline today...

...either watching the game or talking to his teammates.

The Broncho's fell for the third time this season, this time by a 39-6 score.


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