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    On a rainy August 14th, Tyler's seventh grade football team traveled to Carman-Ainsworth Middle School to play in their first scrimmage of the season. Although the kids were told they would be getting equal playing time, it never quite works out that way. For Tyler that meant that he played one offensive session with the second string offense and no plays on defense. Although he was disappointed not to get much time, he remains upbeat about being on the team (and he realized that this was still a lot more time than some other players received).

    Just a reminder, look for #35 (and the only pair of all-red shoes on the team) on the field to see Tyler. I was unable to take many action shots, as Tyler was stationed on the offensive line on the opposite side of the field from our spot in the bleachers, thus remaining invisible to us during most of the plays.

Scrimmage at Carman-Ainsworth

Tyler watching from the sideline as the first string team takes some snaps on the field.

Tyler making his way back towards the line of scrimmage after making a block down field.

Tyler attempting to get another block down field.

Tyler (no socks, red shoes) preparing for a block.

Tyler (visible by the #3 on his jersey) and his teammates getting some direction from one of their three coaches.

Tyler walking back to the huddle after a play.

Tyler running across the field as the play goes the other way.

Tyler walking back to another huddle, trying to stay warm in the rain.

Tyler (in the middle of the crowd) listening to his coach at the end of the scrimmage in the pouring rain.

Tyler making his way to the sideline after the scrimmage.


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