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    The rules have changed a bit since Tyler's team played their final game together last fall. Thanks to the lobbying of several of the coaches, the pitching mound and the base paths have moved back this year, which allows the players to lead off when they are on base, among other things. It is going to take a bit of time for the kids to get used to the new rules, but they helped Tyler's team take an early lead in their first game of the season against the Tigers, who are one of the favorites to win the division. Unfortunately things fell apart later, as the Tigers came from behind to win 5-4. All in all, not a bad showing for the team, but still not the victory everybody wanted. Tyler played in centerfield today, but didn't see any action come his way. He got to the plate twice, going 0 for 1 with a strikeout and a walk. He looks a little more comfortable at the plate this year, so hopefully that will stay true as the season wears on.

Game 1 - at Tigers

Tyler started and played the majority of the game in centerfield this afternoon.

Tyler swinging at a pitch that is much too high.

Tyler was disappointed when he struck out looking during his first at bat this afternoon.

Tyler had a nice swing during his second at bat...

...but wound up taking a walk, after falling in the hole 0-2 to start out.

Tyler got a good lead off of first base...

...but the inning ended before he had a chance to advance.


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