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    I noticed something about Tyler's team recently... whenever they score double digits, they win. In each and every one of their wins this season they have score over 10 runs; each of their losses have been below 10 runs per game. If only they could pour on the offense more often! Anyway, Tyler played a decent game tonight, going 0 for 1 from the plate, striking out in his final at-bat. His first two plate appearances resulted in walks, and both times he came around to score a run. He played in centerfield the entire game tonight, but did not have any balls come his way. One went to right center, but he couldn't catch it. He did manage to get the ball in to the infield quickly, which is sometimes a problem on this team, so that is progress! Only a few more games to go, so let's hope that this win is the start of a streak!

Game 10 - at Pirates

Tyler had to duck out of the way of a few pitches during this game.

After taking a walk in his first at-bat, Tyler took a lead off of first base.

Tyler came around to score later in the inning.

Tyler played the whole game tonight in center field.

Another shot of Tyler in the outfield, this time he is in his "ready position."

Tyler ducking out of the way of another pitch.

Tyler coming into second base on a steal.

Tyler rounded third base and came home to score another run on a hit after his stolen base.

Tyler still is dropping his elbow to his hip when swinging the bat - eliminating this habit is his new summer project.

One more shot of Tyler is center field.


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