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    This was one of those games that I would have rather skipped. Although the team played decent baseball, coming back from 3 runs down to tie the game in the final inning before several throwing errors let the final winning run score for the Tigers, Tyler had a horrible game. He didn't have any balls hit his way during his two innings in the field, but he never really was into the game. He batted twice, and watched a total of 5 strikes sail by him while "he stood there like the house by the side of the road." He did manage a grand total of one swing, and he undercut the ball badly. This is what happens after being away from home for three nights with who knows what bedtimes and sleep patterns were involved. I do know that he will not be doing that again when games are involved...

Game 11 - at Tigers

Tyler started the game in right field, but only played two innings there tonight. The yawn on his face should have been an indicator that he wasn't into the game today...

There were a couple of periods of showers during the game tonight as well. Thankfully they were brief.

Tyler struck out looking both times that he batted tonight, swinging at only one of six pitches. It's hard to hit anything with your elbow glued to your hip anyway...


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