Game 12

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    Although Tyler didn't have his best game of the year, his team sure did their best to make it an exciting game. First, I'll get Tyler's play out of the way. He batted three times tonight, going 0-2 with a walk and two strikeouts. He really needs to concentrate on not jumping out of the batters box while the pitcher is throwing the ball. If only he could do that, he might stand a chance. Unfortunately he ends up with his foot on the back of the box before the ball even crosses the plate. His elbow also seems to be magnetized to his hip bone as well, as he continually connects them together while trying to swing. He just makes things tough on himself with the bad habits that he has gotten himself into...

    On to the team play now. Although they fell behind 6-2, the guys really fought hard to make this a game. The score ended up tied in the 6th inning, and since the Cardinals were the home team they got last at-bats. After the Mets left two runners on base, the Cardinals did their best to end the game in a tie. The first two batters struck out, followed by a walk. The player who was walked is about on par with Tyler as far as batting is concerned, so it was a pleasant surprise. Unfortunately he isn't the fleetest of foot on the base paths. He managed to steal second base on a past ball, and then made his way to third on another. Thankfully the throw to third got past the third baseman, allowing the runner to charge toward home. I think if the catcher had hung on to the ball that the throw home would have been in time to get the runner out, but it was late, allowing the runner to touch home safely for a walk-off win! The player who scored the run was so excited to have something this positive happen to him he was crying tears of joy as he hugged his parents after the play. So, not only did the team win, we all got to witness a touching moment for one of Tyler's teammates. Great job boys!

Game 12 - vs. Mets

Tyler played the entire game in center field tonight.

Although Tyler is really trying hard to get a hit, he is struggling keeping himself in the batters box. Although the ball is crossing the plate (this pitch was called a strike) his front foot is already on the line. It's going to be tough to get a hit like that.

Here is another shot of Tyler standing almost out of the batters box.

Tyler managed to hold on for a walk in his second at-bat. Here he is leading off of first base before...

...successfully stealing second as the rain began to fall.

Tyler got stranded on second base, and shortly afterward the game was suspended due to the heavy downpour.

Tyler returned to center field soaking wet, but still giving it his all.

Another look at Tyler in the field.


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