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    Although Tyler hasn't had his best game of the season so far, his team managed to come through without him today anyway. A big second inning for the entire team (Tyler got walked during his at-bat that inning) paved the way for their first victory of the season, netting a 12-7 win over the A's. Tyler continues to struggle from the plate, continually swinging under pitches (like he is golfing... maybe he is in the wrong sport!) or jumping out of the way. I told him during the last game, when he took a foul ball to the head, that he took the hardest hit he was going to get all year and that there was no reason for him to jump out of the way, but even in today's game he was jumping away from strikes. He and a teammate also let a fly ball drop between them in the outfield today, with neither one of them letting the other know who was going to catch it. Despite his struggles, Tyler did do a fine job running the bases today, even managing to score his first run of the season. All things considered, it was a good day to root for the D-Squared Construction Cardinals!

Game 3 - at A's

Tyler swinging low at a pitch during his first at-bat.

After taking a walk, Tyler got a lead off of first base.

After moving on to second after another walk, Tyler watched the left fielder to see if he was going to catch the ball before running to third.

Tyler later slid home safely to score his first run of the season.

Another at-bat, another golf swing for Tyler.

Tyler, playing in right field this inning, celebrating a good play by his team...

...and then posing for the camera once he realizes his picture is being taken.


Tyler played most of the game in centerfield.

Here he is practicing his swing during a pitching change.


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