Game 4

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    Another game, another heartbreaking loss for Tyler and his teammates. Things started out well for the team, as they manage to get several timely hits that led to a three run first inning, but things began to fall apart as the pitching struggles began to pile up in the later innings. At one point the Cardinals led 4-0, but the White Sox slowly began creeping back in until the final two innings, when walks became an issue for us, as well as a lot of unforced errors in the field. On a personal level, Tyler did so-so today. He played an inning in right field and a couple in center field, but didn't see any baseballs hit his way. His first at-bat was an ugly one, as he jumped out of the box on two pitches down the middle of the plate, and he swung and missed badly at the next pitch, making his golf swing recur once again. His second and final at-bat was a little better. He was still jumping and leaning back, but at least the pitches were inside this time. His one swing looked a little better, but he didn't make contact with the ball. He did wind up with a walk, which was a positive. The negative came when he ran on a fly ball that wound up being caught, resulting in a double play as he was caught between bases. He said the coach told him to steal second base; the coach says he didn't give him the sign. Unfortunately Tyler's attention span tends to waver on the baseball field, so I side with the coach on this one. Ultimately I don't think it would have made a difference in the game, but that is one of those "you never know" situations. The final result today was a 6-5 loss, with the tying and final runs for the White Sox coming at the end of the game thanks to walks. A tough way to lose, for sure.

Game 4 - at White Sox

Tyler backing out of the batters box on a pitch that was called a strike during his first at-bat.

Tyler ready to swing at the next pitch...

...which resulted in a miss. Look at the form... not at all what he practiced at the batting cage only two days earlier.

Tyler playing right field during the first inning.

Tyler moved over to center field for the remainder of the game after sitting out the second inning.

Tyler ducking out of the way of an inside pitch in his second at-bat.

Tyler managed to hold back his swing on this high pitch.

Drew taking a lead off of first base after drawing a walk.

Tyler hung up between first and second base. He was called out in a double play when the pop-up was caught.


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