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    Tonight's game was another tough one for the Cardinals as they fell behind early, rallied, but fell short in the end. It wasn't a big inning that killed them in this game, but rather a run here or two there. The disappointing end result was a 6-4 loss. The only consolation for the team should be that it was a 6-0 deficit but they didn't give up and were able to close the gap dramatically in the final two innings.

    Tyler's contribution to the team tonight wasn't what we hoped it would be. He went 0-2 from the plate, striking out both times. He swing looked much better tonight for the most part, with one exception that stands out in my mind (another golf swing). I just hope for his sake that he starts making contact with the ball soon. Speaking of contact, he did attempt to bunt in his second at bat, but it ended up going straight back for a foul ball. He told me his coach told him to bunt, then after the game he was all upset because the coach told Tyler he did the exact opposite of what he wanted him to do. I really don't know what happened, but the bunt attempt was a decent one, so I have no complaints.

Game 5 - vs. Tigers

Tyler started the game in right field.

Tyler had some nice looking swings that ultimately yielded no hits.

Tyler rotated in right field with another player. Here he is resting between pitches.

Tyler running to the bench between innings.

Tyler attempting to bunt for the first time this season.

Tyler taking a swing during his second at-bat. This swing was a little too low.


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