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    Even considering that Tyler's team was playing the last place team in tonight's game, I was still very proud of the way they played, and with Tyler's play in particular. He finally got his first hit of the season, and was walked in his other two times at the plate. He scored all three times he was on base tonight as well. The entire team broke out of their batting slump, as they scored a season high 19 runs. They almost had a shutout as well, but ended up allowing three runs in the final inning tonight.

Game 6 - vs. Pirates

Tyler started the game in left field.

Here is Tyler running in from the outfield.

Tyler showing off his new batting stance.

Tyler swinging for his first base hit of the season.

Tyler leading off of first base.

Another look at Tyler's lead off from first base.

Tyler standing on second base after successfully completing a steal.

Tyler on third base.

A look at Tyler's golf swing in a later at-bat.

Tyler looking back to first base while taking his lead.

Tyler running towards third base.

Tyler crossing home plate while scoring a run.

Another one of Tyler's at-bats.

Tyler on first base once again.

Tyler taking his lead off the base.

Tyler rounding third base.

Tyler got a chance to play second base in the later innings of today's game.

Another shot of Tyler playing second base.

Tyler moving over to first base to back up his teammate.


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