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    Once again I missed most of tonight's game due to a conflict with two other games, but I made enough of the game to see Tyler strike out in his second at-bat and get a walk in his third plate appearance of the night (he also struck out in his first at-bat). I got a chance to see him play some second base as well as some centerfield. His team must have all been hitting fairly well tonight, because they put up 18 runs in their third victory of the season!

Game 8 - vs. A's

Tyler spent a couple of innings playing second base tonight.

A shot of Tyler trying to hold the runner on second base.

Tyler getting back to his position while the pitch is being thrown.

Tyler swinging at a pitch.

Another shot of Tyler's swing, this one at a very low pitch.

Tyler got a walk in his final at-bat. Here he is leading off of first base.

Tyler getting a lead off of second base.

Tyler moved to centerfield to close out the game.


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