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    This game wasn't as close as it should have been, based on the amount of bad decisions and throwing errors that wind up costing this team runs seemingly every game. Tyler made his share of mistakes, missing two fly balls over his head while playing left field. None directly cost his team any runs at the time of the miss, but the batter later scored each time. He did OK at the plate despite striking out to end the game. He did manage to stay alive for two walks in his first two at-bats, stole a couple of bases, and came around to score the tying run early in the game. Unfortunately one bad inning in the field seems to be their major undoing most times, and tonight was no different. The end result was an 11-6 loss to the first place team in the league (a team that also happens to made up entirely of kids that do not go to the local schools and who also happen to all play travel baseball - isn't that convenient...).

Game 9 - vs. White Sox

Tyler played left field for all but the first inning tonight.

Here is a ball that Tyler couldn't get to in time, despite reaching as far as he could to try and snag it.

Tyler was pretty disappointed in himself for missing the catch, but there were plenty of missed plays by his teammates today as well.

Tyler just can't seem to break the habit of dropping his elbow to his side when he swings.

After being walked in his first at bat, Tyler made his way to second base after the next batter was hit by a pitch.

Tyler taking a lead off of second base.

Tyler made it to third on a hit. Here he is taking a lead.

Tyler came home to tie the score at 3 runs apiece early in the game.

Tyler running in from the outfield after the end of an inning.

Tyler playing left field once again.

Tyler got walked in his second at-bat as well. Here he is taking a lead off as the pitcher prepares to throw.

Tyler made a successful slide to complete this steal of second base.

Tyler later managed to steal third base as well, but didn't make it home to score before the inning ended.

Tyler getting ready for his third and final at-bat.

Unfortunately for him and his team, Tyler struck out to end the game.


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