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    While I was planning on taking lots of pictures during Tyler's final baseball game of the season this year, I was pressed into duty as scorekeeper instead (the normal scorekeeper's son had surgery...). This left me little time to take pictures and keep track of the action, so I did the best I could. I owe Samantha a big thank you as well, as she took the first couple of photos for me and helped me keep an eye on Drew and Jayden too.

    On to the game action... the Cardinals and the Tigers have played close games over the past few years, but Tyler's team always seems to come out on the losing end of the action. Tonight was different right from the start, as they took a 5-0 lead by the end of the second inning, and played them evenly through the remaining four. Despite some sticky situations throughout the game, the Card's were able to keep all but one runner from scoring (and that run was due more to throwing errors than anything else). The end result was a thrilling 6-1 victory over a longtime nemesis.

    On an individual level, Tyler struck out, walked, and struck out again in his three at-bats today. He also played the entire game in center field for the second game in a row.

First Half Playoff - at Tigers

Tyler getting ready to step into the batters box for the first time.

Tyler ready to swing at a good pitch!

Tyler played the entire game in center field today.

A look at Tyler ready for some action in the outfield.


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