Game 10

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    By the time the final game of the day (and session) came around, Tyler was extremely tired. Despite playing his two best games of the season earlier today he didn't get much playing time during this game, and I am not sure why. He played hard and well while he was on the court, but for whatever reason he wasn't left on the court for any length of time. He played for a brief stretch in the first half, started the second for another short stint, and then played a little more at the end of the game. He didn't get into a roll offensively in his limited time, but he did a fine job on defense.

    As for the rest of the team... today's game was a drastic improvement from the last battle between these two teams, which resulted in a 38-9 loss for the ACC team. Despite losing this game 39-28, the game was close throughout.

Game 10 - vs. Slezak Dentistry

Tyler in position to battle for a rebound.

Tyler guarding the opposition during a fast break attempt.

Tyler running back on defense after his team missed a shot.

Tyler guarding his man deep in the corner.

The final score, a 39-28 loss.


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