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    In an epic battle of pro's versus Joe's, the Joe's didn't stand a chance today. The Genesee Grizzlies walked on to the court with their very professional looking warm-up's and jersey's, and they played like a team that has spent a lot of time working out and practicing together. True enough, they have played in tournaments all over southern Michigan this year. With that knowledge in hand, the ACC boys didn't stand much of a chance today, especially coming off of a hard fought double-overtime victory less than 30 minutes earlier. There really isn't too much to say about today's game, aside from the fact that Tyler and his teammates could not find a way to slow down the running game of the Grizzlies. In a purely half court game, the score may have been much closer. Factoring in all of the running that the opposition did, it was a blowout 55-15 loss. Tyler played OK once again, although he didn't score in this game either. His defense was pretty good once again, but with all of the layups the other team had there wasn't many opportunities for him to show it off.

Game 2 - at Genesee Grizzlies

Tyler taking a shot during the first half of the game.

Tyler couldn't quite corral this pass, as it sailed over his head and out of bounds.

Tyler and his teammates played some good half court defense today, but couldn't quite figure out a way to stop the fast break.


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