Game 3

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    I don't have a lot to say about today's game primarily because I wasn't there. Tara did tell me that she didn't think Tyler played much today, which is the same thing that I thought about him in the last game. Tyler did manage to foul out of this game, picking up several fouls in the last three minutes. For a kid that can be a pretty decent shooter and ball-handler at home and at practice, when the games roll around something else kicks in - I'm not sure I'd call it panicking, but it is close to that. Hopefully he will be able to harness some of that and put it all together one of these days, because I know he has it in him!

Game 3 - vs. Running Rebels

Tyler lined up to rebound after the opposition takes their free throw.

Tyler attempting to block a shot.

Tyler and his teammates walking on the court after an opponents basket.

The final score, a 46-28 loss.


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