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    Going in to today I thought Tyler's team stood a good chance to come away with at least one victory, if not two. Unfortunately, things didn't exactly work out as I had envisioned. The game 4 opponent, Lake Fenton - 6, only had one victory previous to today, same as us. Aside from a brief 3-2 lead for the boys in red, things just weren't working out for us today. Shots were missed left and right, passes continue to be errant, and there can be a noticeable lack of hustle from time to time. Tyler played a decent game today, although he didn't score. He still needs to work on his rebounding positioning as well, but I do see signs of progress with him. Now, if only all 9 boys on the team can play well at once, maybe they can pull off an upset.

Game 4 - vs. Lake Fenton - 6

Tyler shooting during the pre-game, sporting his new warm-up shirt.

Tyler waiting to check in to the game.

Tyler hustling up the court, trying to get in on the action.

Tyler getting ready to grab a rebound.
Tyler running up the court once again.
The final score, a 36-17 loss.


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